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About us

ENEVA is an integrated power generation company with supplementary businesses in electric power generation and hydrocarbon exploration & production in Brazil.

Currently, the Company owns 2.2 GW in thermal generation plants, representing approximately 6% of the country's thermal generation capacity. The total installed capacity will reach 2.8 GW by 2024 and 3.1 GW by 2026, with 4 new thermal power plants (TPP's) in operation.


ENEVA is the largest natural gas operator in Brazil, with a production capacity of 8.4 million m³ a day. With the beginning of operations in the Azulão Field, in the Amazon Basin, planned for early 2022, the natural gas production capacity will reach 9.0 million m³ per day.

The Company currently operates 11 natural gas fields in the Parnaíba and Amazonas Basins, in addition to the Juruá area, in the Solimões Basin. Additionally, it has concession agreements for exploration and production of hydrocarbons in more than 64,000 km² in the Parnaíba, Amazonas, Solimões and Paraná Basins, in different exploratory stages.

Eneva pioneered the adoption of Reservoir-to-Wire (R2W) – a business model that provides a full integration from natural gas exploration till the trade of the generated energy. Operating across the whole value chain positions Eneva within a growth platform to capture a wide variety of opportunities in strategic areas of the energy sector.

During Eneva’s Investor Day 2020, Pedro Zinner, CEO, presented the company’s fundamental pillars, Culture and The way of being Eneva.

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R2W Model - Complete integration from Exploration to Energy Sales to the Grid

Eneva's unique set of competencies

The R2W Model and Eneva’s Unique Set of Competencies 
Reservoir to Wire: Complete integration from Exploration to Energy Sales to the Grid

Competitive Advantage: Full Integration between E&P and Utilities

Growth platform to capture a broad range of opportunities in strategic areas

Natural Gas: The transition fuel

According to recent data released by the Power Planning Company (Empresa de Planejamento Energético in Portuguese. Acronym: EPE), with respect to the Projection of the 2030 Expansion Ten Year Plan, the Brazilian energy matrix will incorporate, until 2030, approximately 22 GW of renewable energy (wind and solar). These sources of energy are considered intermittent and non-dispatchable. Thus, in order to guarantee the security of the Brazilian energy system, the EPE also signals that approximately +8 GW of gas thermal power plants will be added to the system by 2030. This source is considered non-intermittent, dispatchable at any time and, therefore, reliable.

Projection of the 2030 Expansion Ten Year Plan (PDE 2030) – Power Planning Company (EPE):

1 – https://www.epe.gov.br/sites-pt/publicacoes-dados-abertos/publicacoes/PublicacoesArquivos/publicacao-490/topico-564/Minuta_do_Plano_Decenal_de_Expansao_de_Energia_2030__PDE_2030.pdf 

It can be concluded from this report that natural gas will play a fundamental role in the transition to a cleaner energy matrix. In addition to offering a more competitive cost to end consumers, natural gas has the lowest emission rates of greenhouse gases when compared to other fuels such as coal, oil and diesel. Emissions of tCO2e/MW (tons of carbon dioxide equivalent per megawatt) from natural gas generation are significantly less, up to two times, when compared to generation by other fossil fuels.

Along these lines, Eneva promotes and leverages the Brazilian energy transition through exploration and natural gas production in the Parnaíba and Amazon Basins, enabling an increase in capacity for the country’s thermal gas energy generation, thus meeting Brazil’s growing need for cleaner sources and efficient thermal energy. In addition, in all our activities the Company seeks to operate efficiently, pursuing best practices to reduce emissions in our operations.

As an example, we can highlight the winning, in 2019, of Aneel’s 1st Auction for the Isolated System, with the Jaguatirica II TPP project, with an installed capacity of 132 MW, which will go into operation in the second half of 2021. This thermoelectric power plant from Eneva is being implemented in the municipality of Boa Vista, State of Roraima, where it will replace an important part of the generation with oil fuel, with a forecast of 35% reduction in CO2 emissions (carbon dioxide), 99% NOx (generic representation of nitrogen oxides) and up to 43% in the State’s generation cost. The power plant will consume the natural gas extracted and produced in the Field of Azulão, in the State of Amazonas, which will be transported in liquefied form through the pipeline connecting Manaus to Boa Vista.

  • Certification of 29.45 bcm of natural gas reserves (2P), as of December 2021, in the Parnaíba Basin. The Reserve Replacement Ratio (RRR) in this basin was 264%. In the Amazonas Basin, 7.11 bcm of reserves (2P) were certified. Additionally, the following volumes of total contingent resources (P50) were certified: i) 3.43 bcm of gas and 0.31 million barrels of oil in the Amazon Basin; ii) 20.85 bcm of gas in the Solimões Basin; and iii) 2.13 bcm of gas and 0.88 million barrels of oil in the Parnaíba Basin.
  • Conclusion of the 7th issuance of debentures in the amount of R$ 1.5 billion.
  • Conclusion of the Merger of Focus Energia by Eneva, adding a pipeline of about 3.9 GWp in renewable projects, including the Futura 1 Solar Power Plant, under construction, with 870 MWp. Additionally, with the business combination, the Company leverages its energy trading/commercialization capabilities in the free market.
  • 26.0 bcm of 2P natural gas reserves certified in the Parnaíba Complex, as of December 2020. Additionally, as of June 2021, 6.3 bcm of natural gas reserves (2P) were certified in the Azulão Field, in addition to 26.7 bcm of contingent natural gas resources (P50), of which 5.8 bcm were in the Amazonas Basin and 20.9 bcm in the Juruá Area, in the Solimões Basin.
  • Declaration of Commerciality of an additional gas field in the Parnaíba Complex – the Gavião Belo Field – with an estimated gas-in-place volume (Pmean) of 6.78 bcm.
  • Split of the Company’s shares in the ratio of 1:4.
  • Business Combination Agreement between Eneva and Focus.
  • Success in the 1st Aneel’s Capacity Auction with the sale of capacity product of two thermal power plants.
  • Signed a financial agreement with BASA, in the amount of R$ 1.0 billion, and with the China Bank, in the amount of R$ 90 million.
  • Conclusion of the 4th issuance of debentures in the amount of R$ 410 million.
  • Sale of the entire stake held by Eneva in Seival Sul Mineração.
  • Conclusion of the 5th issuance of debentures in the amount of R$ 650 million.
  • 6th issuance of debentures, in the amount of R$ 835 million approved by the Board of Directors.
  • Signing of the Shareholders’ Agreement (Atmos, Dynamo and Velt).
  • Acquisition of 7 onshore exploration blocks in the Amazonas and Paraná Basins, and the Juruá Field in the Solimões Basin.
  • Certified natural gas reserves of 27.7 bcm (2P), being 24.1 bcm located in the Parnaíba Basin and 3.6 bcm in the Amazonas Basin.
  • Successful secondary offering of company shares (R$ 18.25 per share).
  • Success in the 1st Aneel´s Isolated System´s auction. Start of the construction works of the Azulão-Jaguatirica´s integrated project, which was framed in REIDI.
  • Parnaíba VI Project, end of the Parnaíba III’s open cycle, success in the A-6 Auction.
  • Increase of the firm energy assurance in the A-2 Action of the Parnaíba I and III`s TTPs.
  • Conclusion of the 2nd issuance of debentures in the amount of R$ 2 billion and conclusion of the 3rd issuance of debentures in the amount of R$ 650 million.
  • Payment in advance of all debts under Judicial Reorganization.
  • Full financing of the Parnaiba V project (BNB + subsidized debentures).
  • Acquisition of 6 onshore exploration blocks in the Parnaíba Basin in the 1st round of the ANP Open Acreage.
  • Certified natural gas reserves of 25.0 bcm (2P), being 21.4 bcm located in the Parnaiba Basin and 3.6 bcm in the Amazonas Basin.
  • Partial acquisition of Pecém II (50%) held by Uniper, for R$ 50 million.
  • Parnaíba V Project, end of the Parnaíba I’s open cycle, success in the A-6 Auction.
  • Declaration of commercial feasibility of the Gavião Tesoura Field.
  • Reorganization of the Natural Gas business segment (PGN).
  • Certified natural gas reserves of 18.8 bcm (2P) in the Parnaiba Basin.
  • Acquisition of 5 onshore exploration blocks in the Parnaíba Basin in the ANP’s 14th Round.
  • Acquisition of the Azulão Onshore Field, in the Amazon Basin.
  • Re-IPO of R$ 0.9 billion.
  • Natural gas production capacity reached 8.4Mi m3/day.
  • Merger between PGN and Eneva.
  • Start of the commercial operation of the Parnaíba II power plant.
  • End of the Judicial Reorganization period in a year and a half.
  • Capital injection of R$ 3 billion through asset contribution, credit capitalization and cash.
  • Significant changes in shareholder structure.
  • Acquisition of 7 onshore exploration blocks in the Parnaíba Basin in the 13th round of the ANP.
  • Declaration of commercial feasibility for 4 new fields.
  • Start of the construction works to expand production capacity.
  • Additional investment of R$ 350 million made by Cambuhy.
  • Partial sale of Pacém II (50%) for 400mm to E.ON.
  • Agreement between Parnaíba II and ANEEL to postpone PPA until 2016.
  • Sale of Eneva’s entire stake in Pecém I (50%) to EDP for R$ 300mm.
  • Filing for Judicial Reorganization.
  • New Board of Directors and Board of Executive Officers.
  • Start of the commercial operation of the Itaqui, Pecém II, Parnaíba I, Parnaíba III and Parnaíba IV power plants.
  • Cambuhy’s investment in OGX Maranhão.
  • OGX Maranhão Petróleo e Gás corporate denomination changed to Paranaíba Gás Natural (PGN).
  • First commercial gas production.
  • MPX corporate denomination changed to Eneva.
  • Joint-venture with E.ON.
  • Start of the commercial operation of the Pecém I power plant.
  • Permission to start production and flow of natural gas in the Gavião Real and Gavião Azul fields. Gavião Real was the 1st field to operate for commissioning of the thermoelectric turbines (24 months from wildcat to production).
  • Parnaíba II Project wins A-3 Energy Auction.
  • Start of the drilling campaign.
  • Acquisition of 50% stake in the PNT-102`s Block (2010/2011).
  • First discovery of natural gas.
  • Acquisition of 7 onshore exploratory blocks in the Parnaíba Basin.
  • Founded OGX Maranhão to operate E&P activities in the Parnaíba Basin.
  • Start of the natural gas exploration campaign.
  • IPO: R$ 2 billion.
  • 1.1GW was sold in the A-5 auction.
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Gas, the transition fuel

With the arrival of a more sustainable future, gas-fired thermal power generation, the least polluting of all fossil fuels, should grow 39%, operating in partnership with renewable energy sources, offering flexibility and safety, and contributing to affordable tariffs and a greener national energy matrix.

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