Bylaws, Policies and Regulations

Code of Conduct
  • The Bylaws set out the basic operating rules of the Company, including the minimum clauses determined by the ‘Novo Mercado’ (New Market, in English) Listing Regulation.
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Policy of Disclosure of Material Act or Fact, Secrecy Preservation and Trading of Securities
  • The Policy establishes rules related to the disclosure of information and trading of Securities by anyone who holds or may hold privileged information or sensitive information related to the Company.
  • The Policy also aims to contribute to compliance with the laws and rules that prohibit the practice of insider trading (Securities trading based on privileged information, in order to obtain an undue advantage for their own benefit or that of third parties).
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Appointment Policy for members of the Board of Directors, Advisory Committees and Statutory Executive Board
  • The Policy establishes the criteria for the composition and appointment procedures for the members of the Board of Directors, Advisory Committees and Statutory Executive Board of the Company.
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Compensation Policy
  • The Policy provides market-competitive compensation, to attract and retain highly qualified professionals
  • In addition, the Policy aligns the interests of employees with those of the Company and our shareholders, encouraging an entrepreneurial and results-oriented culture.
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Related Party Transactions Policy
  • The Policy establishes principles and guidelines to ensure that related party transactions and other situations with potential conflict of interests involving Eneva are decided in an appropriate and diligent manner and conducted in compliance with market conditions.
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Risk Management Policy
  • The Risk Management Policy establishes the principles, guidelines and responsibilities to be observed by Eneva in the risk management process, in order to enable the identification, assessment, treatment, monitoring and communication of risks to the administrators, allowing for a reduction of the degree of uncertainty, achieving the objectives and preserving the value and perpetuity of the Company’s business.
  • In addition, the Policy promotes the integrated management of all risks to which Eneva is exposed, including financial, strategic, operational, regulatory risks, among others.
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Purchase Policy
  • This Policy aims to ensure the construction of a transparent relationship in ENEVA’s supply management process, ensuring a commercial performance based on legality, safety, quality and service to socio-environmental, labor, human rights and the Competition Defense Law aspects.
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Human Rights Policy
  • The purpose of this Policy is to define ENEVA’s main guidelines to respect the human rights and promote non-discriminatory practices and diversity in the work environment.
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Competition Protection Policy
  • The purpose of this Policy is to orient the Directors, Executive Officers, Employees or other individuals that act on behalf of ENEVA to prevent violations against the economic order, as set forth in Law No 12,529, of November 30, 2011 (Competition Protection Law).
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Anticorruption Policy
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HSE Policy
  • The policy aims to establish and share with all employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders and society in general, Eneva’s commitment to Health, Safety and the Environment, based on the best practices in the industry and aiming for Zero Accidents .
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Sustainability Policy
  • – The Policy has the objective of establishing and sharing with all employees, society, shareholders and other stakeholders, ENEVA’s principles and guidelines for Sustainability, aligned with the best corporate practices of ESG – Environmental, Social and Governance, and with the Objectives of Sustainable Development – ODS established by the United Nations Organization (UNO).
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Authority Policy

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Donations and Sponsorship Policy
  • The purpose of the Policy is to establish guidelines for the granting of donations and sponsorships by Eneva, in order to ensure the Company’s relationship with its main stakeholders and its image objectives, always observing the governance and transparency of all initiatives supported by the Company.
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