Main Assets

Parnaíba Complex 4 assets
Integrated Project
TPP and Field

Parnaíba Complex

Azulão-Jaguatirica Integrated Project

Other Assets

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Parnaíba Complex 1,4 GW of installed capacity in operation + 477 MW under construction
Azulão-Jaguatirica Integrated Project TPP - 141 MW of installed capacity under construction Sufficient to supply 70% of Roraima´s state
Azulão-Jaguatirica Integrated Project Field - Located in the Amazon Basin 3.6 bi m3 of natural gas in certified reserves
Itaqui 360 MW of installed capacity in operation
Pecém II 365 MW of installed capacity in operation
Tauá Photovoltaic Plant 1MW of installed capacity Operating in the free market
Amazon Basin Three exploratory blocks acquired in the 2° cicle of ANP's Permanent Offer.
Solimões Basin Active acquired during the 2° cicle of ANP's Permanent Offer.
Paraná Basin Four exploratory blocks acquired in the 2° cicle of ANP's Permanent Offer.
Parnaíba Complex

Parnaíba Complex

The Parnaíba Complex has a total installed capacity of 1.9 GW, of which 1.4 GW is already in operation. The Complex comprises 6 gas-fired thermoelectric power plants (Parnaíba I, II, III, IV, V and VI) and 10 land-based fields located in their adjacency.

Energy generation

The power plants are connected to the North Subsystem of production and the energy transmission network of the National Interconnected System (Sistema Interligado Nacional in Portuguese. Acronym: SIN).

The Parnaíba I, II, III, V and VI power plants have agreements in the Regulated Market (ACR), in which generators sell energy to distributors through auctions organized by the regulatory agency, ANEEL. These are long-term agreements, which guarantee a fixed compensation to the generating agent (protected against inflation), regardless of generation, plus variable compensation when there is dispatch.

The Parnaíba IV power plant is the only operational power plant operating in the Free Market (ACL), under the “Merchant” framework.

The Parnaíba II power plant operates on a combined gas cycle, that is, it uses the heat generated by the combustion of gas, in gas turbines that operate in an open cycle and reuses it for energy generation, through steam power plants. With this, it is possible to generate more energy without the additional use of gas molecules, thus increasing the thermal efficiency of the system. The Parnaíba V and VI power plants, currently under construction, will also operate on a combined cycle.


Eneva has nine fields declared commercial in the Parnaíba Basin, in Maranhão. Of this total, five are in production – Gavião Real, Gavião Vermelho, Gavião Branco, Gavião Caboclo and Gavião Azul – and four are in development – Gavião Preto, Gavião Branco Norte, Gavião Tesoura and Gavião Carijó. The company also has assets in the discovery evaluation phase and exploratory blocks acquired in ANP’s 13th and 14th Bidding Rounds, currently in the exploratory drilling and seismic phase, respectively, in addition to blocks acquired in the First Permanent Offer Cycle, carried out by the ANP in 2019, and, more recently by the end of 2020, 7 exploratory blocks in the onshore Amazonas and Paraná Basins, also the Juruá Field, in the Solimões Basin, during the Second cycle of ANP’s Open Acreage.

Eneva’s total current gas production capacity in the Parnaíba Basin is up to 8.4 million m³/day, and is fully connected to energy generation, that is, the gas is produced according to the demand of the Parnaíba Complex’s thermoelectric power plants. Non-associated gas on land is more competitive in terms of discovery costs, development and production per cubic meter, resulting in energy generation at more attractive costs for the Brazilian electrical system.

In addition, the company has 31.8 bcm of remaining reserves (2P) certified by Gaffney Cline & Associates (Natural Gas Reserve Certification Report of December 2020) and a 203 km long pipeline network.

Simplified E&P Process:

Map with the exploration assets and fields:

Gavião Azul, Gavião Real, Gavião Branco, Gavião Branco Norte, Gavião Vermelho, Gavião Caboclo, Gavião Preto, Gavião Tesoura, and Gavião Carijó.


Azulão-Jaguatirica Integrated Project

Azulão-Jaguatirica Integrated Project

*Data as of August,2020

The project consists on the extraction, production, treatment and liquefaction of gas in the Field of Azulão, in the State of Amazonas, which will be transported in cryogenic tanks to an area adjacent to the Jaguatirica TPP, located in Boa Vista, in the State of Roraima, by 1,100km of paved roads currently used to transport other goods.

Azulão is a natural gas field located in the Amazon Basin, in the State of Amazonas. The field, purchased by Eneva in 2018, has a volume of certified reserves by an independent consultancy: Gaffney, Cline & Associates, of 5.9 billion cubic meters of natural gas (2P), which is a sufficient volume to guarantee 100% dispatch of the Jaguatirica II TPP during the entire period of the agreement, if necessary.

The Jaguatirica II thermoelectric power plant, under construction in Boa Vista, State of Roraima, has an installed capacity of 141 MW. The TPP was the winner in ANEEL’s 2019 Auction for the Supply to Boa Vista and connected locations. The agreement established in the auction provides that the Jaguatirica II TPP will have a commitment to deliver 117 MW, fully flexible, by the period of 15 years, starting June 2021. Its annual fixed revenue will be adjusted annually under the IPCA. Additionally, when dispatched, the power plant will receive variable revenue equivalent to fuel costs and variable operation and maintenance costs.

Eneva will develop the gas production and thermoelectric generation in an integrated manner, thus replicating, in a new geography, the R2W (Reservoir-to-Wire) business model successfully implemented at the Parnaíba Basin.

To understand more about the Azulão-Jaguatirica Integrated Project, watch the series available on youtube:

Azulão-Jaguatirica Integrated Project


Itaqui is a coal-fired power plant with an installed capacity of 360MW, located in Maranhão, connected to the Northern Production Subsystem and the National Interconnected System (SIN) energy transmission network. Its production capacity is sufficient to supply 65% of the State of Maranhão’s energy needs.

Capacity (MW) 360
Energy Sold at Auction (MWm) 315
Physical Guarantee (MWm) 341
Adjustment rate CIF ARA(API#2)
Maturity of the PPA Dec 2026
Eneva’s stake 100%
Location Maranhão
Subsystem North
Pecém II

Pecém II

Pecém II is a coal-fired power plant with an installed capacity of 365MW located in Ceará, 15km from the Port of Pecém. It is connected to the Northeast Production Subsystem and the energy transmission network of the National Interconnected System (SIN). The power plant is located in the Pecém Complex, which produces a volume of energy equivalent to 60% of the consumption of the State of Ceará, and 10% of consumption in the Northeast region.

Capacity (MW) 365
Energy Sold at Auction (MWm) 277
Physical Guarantee (MWm) 299
Adjustment rate CIF ARA(API#2)
Maturity of the PPA Dec 2027
Eneva’s stake 100%
Location Ceará
Subsystem Northeast
Tauá Photovoltaic Plant

Tauá Photovoltaic Plant

Tauá was the first commercial scale solar power plant in Brazil. It is connected to the National Interconnected System (SIN). Its generation, 1 MW of energy, corresponds to the consumption of approximately 1,500 homes.

  • Location: Tauá (CE)
  • Eneva Participation: 100%
  • Installed Capacity: 1 MW
  • Beginning of the operation: Aug/2011
Amazon Basin

Amazon Basin

In the 2nd round of the ANP Open Acreage, the Company acquired three blocks (AMT-62, AM-T-84 and AM-T-85) in the Amazonas Basin, in the State of Amazonas, adjacent to Azulão Field, a field already operated by Eneva and starting production from natural gas estimated for the end of 2021. The Company holds 100% interest in the blocks. The Minimum Exploratory Program (PEM) foresees 11,414 Work Units (UT), to be executed over 8 years.

  • Signature bonus: BRL 16.29 million
  • Area under concession: 7,224 km²
  • PEM: 600 km of 2D
  • Existing seismic: 3,210 km of 2D and 1,375 km² of 3D


Solimões Basin

Solimões Basin

In the 2nd round of the ANP Open Acreage, Eneva acquired 100% interest in the Juruá Field, located in the Solimões Basin, in the State of Amazonas, and 110 km west of the Urucu gas and oil fields.

  • Signature bonus: R$ 25.76 million
  • Gas-in-place volume: 25.9 bcm

Paraná Basin

Paraná Basin

In the 2nd round of the ANP Open Acreage, Eneva acquired 4 blocks (PAR-T-196, PAR-T-215, PAR-T-86, PART-99) in partnership with Enauta Energia S.A. (Eneva with a 70% working interest and Enauta with 30% interest). The blocks are located in the states of Mato Grosso do Sul and Goiás. The PEM offered for 100% of the blocks was 7,548 UTs, to be executed in up to 6 years.

  • Signature bonus: R$ 2.11 million (R$ 1.5 million net for Eneva)
  • Area under concession: 11,544 km²
  • PEM: 1000 km of 2D
  • Existing seismic: 527 km 2D ANP development