Company Profile and Ventures

ENEVA is an integrated power generation company, which develops and operates joint electric energy generation and hydrocarbon exploration and production businesses in Brazil. The Company is a reference in the power segment because it is a pioneer in adopting the reservoir-to-wire business model. ENEVA has a thermal complex with installed capacity of 2.7 GW (81% operational), representing 11% of Brazil’s gas thermal capacity. In addition, ENEVA is the second largest natural gas operator in Brazil, with a production capacity of 8.4 million m³/day. The Company operates in the Parnaíba Basin, predominantly located in the State of Maranhão, in a total area of 38,888 km², through concession agreements to explore and produce hydrocarbons.

Parnaíba Complex

The Parnaíba Complex is the pioneering development of the reservoir-to-wire (R2W) model in Brazil. Fuel to the power generation by thermal power plants is directly supplied by natural gas field located in the surrounding areas. The Parnaíba Complex is comprised by the power plants (i) Parnaíba I; (ii) Parnaíba II; (iii) Parnaíba III; and (iv) Parnaíba IV, and by natural gas E&P subsidiary, PGN.

The Parnaíba Complex has total installed capacity of 1.4 GW, where four thermal power plants generate electricity from gas produced in fields in the surrounding areas, all located in the Parnaíba Basin, in the State of Maranhão. The complex is connected to the Northern Sub-system of the Brazilian Interconnected System (or “SIN”). The Parnaíba Complex is divided into:

– Natural Gas Thermal Generation

In this segment the Company operates in natural gas generation of electric energy pursuant to the Electric Energy Sales Agreement in the Regulated Market – CCEAR and one Electric Energy Sale Agreement in the Free Contracting Environment – ACL. This segment is comprised by controlled companies (i) Parnaíba I Geração de Energia S.A., (ii) Parnaíba II Geração de Energia S.A., (iii) Parnaíba III Geração de Energia S.A., and (iv) Parnaíba IV Geração de Energia S.A..

In August 31, 2018, the Parnaíba V CCGT, with an installed capacity of 385 MW, to be built as part of the Parnaíba Thermoelectric Complex, in the State of Maranhão, was a winning bidder the ANEEL Y-6 new energy auction.

– Upstream (E&P)

The Company operates in the exploration and production (E&P) of hydrocarbons in a concession area of approximately 40 thousand km² in the Parnaíba Basin, State of Maranhão. Currently, the Company has a natural gas production capacity of 8,4 million m³/day, which is fully allocated to supply the thermal complex, also owned by ENEVA. This segment is comprised by controlled company Parnaíba Gas Natural S.A. (PGN). In November 2017, PGN and Petrobrás entered into agreement of acquisition of rights and obligations over the exploration and production of hidrocarbons in Azulão land field, in Amazonas Basin. On April 30, PGN completed the acquisition.

E&P Concessions in the Parnaíba’s Basin

Natural Gas Fields

Declaration of Commerciality Field Area (km2)
04/2011 Gavião Azul 64
04/2011 Gavião Real 152
12/2012 Gavião Branco 269
06/2015 Gavião Branco Norte 123
08/2015 Gavião Vermelho 66
06/2015 Gavião Caboclo 66
01/2016 Gavião Preto 261
09/2018 Gavião Tesoura 201

Discovery Evaluation Plan  (PAD)

PAD (R9) Área (km²)
Angical 826
Araguaína 964
Fazenda Tianguar 1.057

Exploratory Areas

Round Block Area (km2)
13/2015 PN-T-101 2,964
13/2015 PN-T-103 3,062
13/2015 PN-T-146 3,053
13/2015 PN-T-163 3,050
13/2015 PN-T-69 3,067
13/2015 PN-T-84 3,065
13/2015 PN-T-87 3,067
14/2017 PN-T-117 2,105
14/2017 PN-T-118 3,058
14/2017 PN-T-119 3,059
14/2017 PN-T-133 2,230
14/2017 PN-T-134 3,059

Concessions of E&P in Amazonas Basin

Natural Gas Fields

Declaration of Commerciality Field Area (km2)
05/2004 Azulão 58

– Coal Thermal Generation

In this segment, the Company operates in the generation of electric energy from imported mineral coal, pursuant to Power Purchase Agreements in the Regulated Market – CCEAR. This segment is comprised by wholly-owned subsidiary Itaqui Geração de Energia S.A. and by Pecém II Geração de Energia S.A.

Itaqui, with an installed capacity of 360 MW, is located in the State of Maranhão, and interconnected to the Northern sub-system of the Brazilian Interconnected System (SIN). Pecém II has an installed capacity of 365 MW, it is located in State of Ceará, and interconnected to the Northeast subsystem of electric energy production and transmission of the Brazilian Interconnected System (SIN).

– Power Trading

In this segment, ENEVA operates in the trading of electric energy in the free market (ACL). This segment is comprised by the indirect controlled company ENEVA Comercializadora de Energia Ltda.